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  • There are lots of core programs out there but you want to make sure you take PhysioFit with Lana!  She has been running deep core and pelvic floor small group classes in Okotoks and Calgary for over 10 years, is a wealth of knowledge, easily tailors each exercise to each individual in the class, and has a wonderful sense of humour which make the classes effective and fun!  I can't believe how much I repaired my diastasis in only 6 weeks!  Thank Lana!  H. Davis

  • "The individual attention and alteration of exercises (for your own specific concerns/injuries and level of strength) is like no other program out there!  To have a qualified, experienced Physiotherapist assess you and instruct you every step of the way optimizes every movement (which is great when you don't have much time :).  I had 3 pregnancies that were hard on my body and past back injuries.  I've never had very strong core muscles because situps and crunches just hurt my neck too much.  After only 5 weeks, my stomach muscles feel stronger than they have in years and my youngest is only 5 months old.  Plus, my posture has improved to the point that my constant back pain has drastically improved.  I can't say enough great things about this program and what it does!"
    J. Demchuk

  • "I think every new mom should take this class.  I am going to recommend it to every mom I know."
    J. Woods

  • What did you like most about the class?  "The individual attention, the one-on-one work made it easy to understand the exercises and to do them correctly and effectively!  Also, the kind, smiley instructor - Lana is very encouraging!"
    H. Danielson

  • "PhysioFit was an amazing experience!  I was amazed at how quickly I saw an improvement in my core strength.  I  recommend this class to everyone!
    T. Masson

  • "I really appreciated Lana's encouragement and knowledge, it helped me uncover my core strength!  Every woman can benefit from the exercises Lana teaches in PhysioFit - true core strength and confidence!  Thanks Lana!"
    L. Neufeld

  • "Your class was amazing!  I can't believe moms are only finding out about this!  No sit ups, small class sizes and a flat belly in the end.  There is hope for the baby belly after all!  Thanks Lana!"
    A. Cormier

  • "I had my son in November of last year (2009) and gained 60 lbs.  I have been very committed to exercise since my pregnancy and lost a lot of the baby weight but could not lose the mommy ponch.  Since taking Lana's Level 1, I have noticed a dramatic change and my diastasis has closed up and this all happened within 5 weeks!  Thanks Lana!"
    S. Mackenzie

  • "This class was great and gave me a much better understanding of the core muscles and how to engage them.  I have a flatter stomach now (postpartum) than I had before I was pregnant!  Thanks Lana!"
    C. Buhler

  • "Simple, effective, I can do this!  People already noticed in only 5 weeks!"
    C. Bosman-Tyler

  • "This class was amazing and I would highly recommend it to others.  I finally understand what it means to 'engage your core'.  Lana is a fantastic instructor and she is what made the class truly great.  She is kind, knowledgeable, flexible, passionate, and has a great sense of humor.  Her class offers individualized instruction and she caters to meet everyone's needs no matter what level you are at.  I looked forward to every class and the best part is actually seeing results.  Thanks Lana!"
    A. Miller

  • "I really felt that this course has given me better results than many programs that I have tried.  Even though it was a group setting, Lana made it feel very personal and was able to individualize the exercises to make sure that each person reaches her potential.  Thank you for a great class - my wardrobe (and husband's wallet) thank you as well!  :)"
    J. Crawford

  • "When I registered for this program, I really didn't know what to expect.  The biggest surprise to me was Lana's knowledge of our bodies and how hands on she was (literally).  Despite years of workouts and other trainers, I can honestly say that Lana is the first to help me get in touch with my "transversus abdominus" which has changed everything for me.  My core feels so strong and is supporting my other activities.  Best part is that my stomach looks better than it has in years.  I recommend PhysioFit to all women but particularly those who are left with the "pouch" from pregnancy like me.  Lana is uniquely qualified and combined with her great sense of humour - I know that everyone will love her classes as much as I did!
    P. Lundstrom

  • [Since taking this class] "I have noticed that I am always conscious of my core being engaged as well as my posture being much better.  My shoulder and knee pain have improved tremendously!"
    T. Elcome

  • "When I first started working with Lana, I wasn't strong enough to do simple exercises and had trouble sleeping!  Now, I have recently run a 10K, lost 50 pounds and exercise regularly.  I feel great!  Thanks Lana!"
    C. Poole

  • "I loved the postpartum class.  Lana was extremely knowledgeable and I found the techniques very easy to apply at home.  The results were great and I noticed a big difference almost immediately."
    J. Willoughby

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